Battle your friends in a remorseless funracer filled with extraordinary power-ups and unique creatur


Try to get people to follow you, by playing the right music

Ritter Rost – Das Ritterturnier

A video game of the famous Ritter Rost for children for PC, Mac and mobile devices


A 1 on 1 casual game for android and iPhone

Bachelor Thesis: Dynamic Difficulty Adjustment AI

This Bachelor Thesis introduces the common AI methods Finite State Machine and Fuzzy Logic.

Reign of Steel – Internship

A free to play MMO browser game written in C# and Unity3D

Bachelor Thesis: Physical driving Behavior of a Buggy

This Bachelor Thesis shows which physical forces influence the driving behavior of a vehicle.

Don’t Drop!

An edutainment game for Android and iOS.


Absturz is a mobile game written in C# Script with Unity3D.