Don’t Drop!

Don’t Drop! is a micromanagement game with a serious game character. It is used as an advertising feature for several well known companies (Doka, Alpine, Skylotec, Palfinger) and is available for iPhones. The intention of the game is to prevent construction workers from falling down by securing them.


Construction workers are looking for work (indicated by working symbols) automatically. If a worker starts a task, the player has to ensure him by tapping him and selecting the right securing-equipment. If the player could not secure him on time, the worker falls, proper injuries have to be paid and the worker ends up in hospital for a certain amount of time. Very bad injured workers are going to die. If the player runs out of money before the building is finished, the game is over.

Don’t Drop! was featured in the Zukunftsinstitut publication work:design – Die Zukunft der Arbeit gestalten (authors: Harry Gatterer, Franz Kühmayer, Janine Seitz) as best practice example (page 46/49).


  • Project Management
    • Stefan Randelshofer (Scrum Master)
  • Tech Department
    • Manuel Bösze (Programmer)
    • Alexander Cerny (Programmer)
    • Philipp Huber (Programmer)
  • Art Department
    • Doris Wimmer (2D Artist)
    • Martin Klappacher (Sound Design)
    • Iva Müller (3D Artist)