BareFoot is a fun racer where you are able to create your own personal creature. It is possible to assemble one out of over 3000+ unique creatures and challenge your friends in an online or offline split screen race. Battle your pals in a remorseless competition filled with extraordinary power-ups. Each power-up depending on your personally created beast. Tailor your bestial companion before each race to your individual needs, considering the upcoming racing track and your opponents.


Each generated beast consists of five different body parts: Head, Torso, Arms, Legs and Tail. Except for the tail, each body part carries a power-up feature. There are five different power-up types: Melee, Range, Defence, Speed-up and Trap. The power-up type is not linked to a body part. This makes it possible to create a monster, which only carries speed-up power-ups. Which is a good setup to catch up in the race, when you are far behind or to expand your lead in pole position. A more balanced power-up selection is a more flexible strategy where you are able to attack opponents in front of you, fend off enemies behind or speed-up on a long straight passage of the racetrack.

The game is playable as an offline split screen- or an online multiplayer. Another extraordinary feature of BareFoot is the possibility to combine an offline split screen session with the online multiplayer. You are able to enjoy a couch co-op match with additional friends over the World Wide Web, which couldn’t join you in real life.


  • Project Management
    • Daniel Lutsch
  • Tech Department
    • Alexander Cerny (Lead Programmer/Project Management)
    • Sebastian Geschke (Programmer)
    • Wolfgang Vogl (Programmer)
    • Christian Winkler (Programmer)
  • Art Department
    • Peter Kohlwein (Lead Artist/3D Artist)
    • Melanie Gruber (3D Artist)
    • Oliver Hölzl (3D Artist)
    • Ann-Kathrin Münderlein (3D Artist)
    • Illonka Houwelingen (3D Artist Minor)
    • Vo Cat Vie (Sound Design)

My Responsibilities

  • Gameplay
    • Power-ups
    • Movement
  • AI
  • Network