HTML 5 Client Side Editor

As a freelancer for Blumatix I worked for 5 months on a HTML 5 browser application. The application is a client side editor written in TypeScript, which is able to create, edit and delete properties of a database. The editor communicates with the server via web sockets. The GUI is written with the kendo framework. The object oriented design is built up on the AngularJS and RequireJS framework because it is a standard MVC architecture.

My responsibilities for this project concerned mainly the Model component of the MVC architecture. I was responsible for the web socket communication between the VC components and the server. The communication uses a custom build protocol. The editor currently only a prototype and will be used in the future to maintain the product database of an Austrian retail market leader. Due to legal reasons because the editor is still in development, I am not allowed to give more details or screenshots concerning the editor nor the client.

My Responsibilities

  • Socket communication
    • Authentication Requests
    • Item Retrieval Requests
    • Item Modification Requests
    • Item Creation Requests
    • Item Deletion Requests
    • Export Data Requests
  • Editor Features
    • Compose complex data matrix of multiple single item requests
    • Compose calendar data
  • Custom protocol for communication
  • Prepare, format and pass through data between server and view component
  • Tests (Jasmine)
    • Unit Tests
    • Component Tests for 4 different editor components